Enterprise AI

We use artificial intelligence to solve exponentially hard efficiency problems.

We're 140 people, distributed across Europe. For the last 12 years, we've been building enterprise AI technologies for some of the world's best known organisations, including Tesco and PwC. Most companies that touch data are calling themselves an AI company — they're not. We're one of the few companies combining machine learning with optimisation to build decision making systems that radically improve operational efficiency.



Satalia Delivery

Optimises the routes and schedules of any vehicle fleet. Saves money, reduces environmental impact and improves customer choice.

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Satalia Workforce

Dynamically automates and optimises the allocation of people to their work. Improves profitability, employee and customer satisfaction.

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Custom AI

Your extended AI team. We scope, prototype and productionise custom-made AI solutions that learn, adapt and improve over time.

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AI Strategy

We help leadership teams develop AI strategies that align with their objectives, and advise on the talent, partners and technologies they'll need to execute.

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We've built AI technologies for some of the world's best known organisations, across industries and throughout the value chain.

DFS / Delivery
DS Smith

Machine learning is great at finding patterns from data, but it's terrible at making decisions. That’s the role of optimisation. A different, much less talked about technology.

Scheduling people.

Routing vehicles.

Planning infrastructure.

Optimising warehouses.

Allocating inventory.

These aren’t machine learning problems. They’re optimisation problems.

We've delivered our keynote over 100 times, in 28 countries, educating thousands of executives on what AI actually is, and what impact it will have on their business.

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Wow! One of the best talks I have been to in a long time by @TheSolveEngine. Great energy, knowlege & loads to think about! Felt like @SataliaSolves are out to do good for humanity! #LT20uk

Most thought provoking talk I have heard in years. Beyond any tweet. Watch Daniel Hulme’s @TheSolveEngine TED talks. @CMS_Law_Tax thanks Daniel.

@TheSolveEngine Daniel Hulme keynote at #LT2020 ... Mind...Blown... not often you some across someone with something different to say. Phenomenal!

Absolutely fantastic talk from @TheSolveEngine at @LearnTechUK this morning! Definitely one of the most engaging so far discussing the risk, reward and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. #LT20UK

“Companies don’t have pattern recognition problems, they have decision problems” and “automation is not AI” My favourite talk so far by @TheSolveEngine #LT20UK @HubbleStudiosZA

Inspiring and thought provoking keynote by @TheSolveEngine at the #LTUK20 conference this morning. As AI continues to rapidly develop, what are our social and ethical responsibilities?

Awesome. My mind was blown and I had to present my keynote right after him and he's a tough act to follow! I'm following @TheSolveEngine on Twitter and I'd recommend you follow him too for news on #Artificialintelligence. #BigDataWeek @BigDataWeek @SataliaSolves #FollowFriday

Fantastic morning @CMS_law Consumer and Retail conference. Highlights were the mind-blowing @TheSolveEngine and the incomparable @rorysutherland